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Sangha is a sanscrit word meaning “spiritual community”. Best known as one of the three pillars of Buddhist  teachings and philosophy – The Buddha, The Dharma, The Sangha – the community of beings aware of the spiritual connection between all life.

Sangha is a Fair Trade Store, a community enrichment center, and a World Service Organization.

Sangha first appeared in Takoma Park, Maryland, in 2001. Jennifer Carter, Sangha’s life force and Director, describes Sangha as an interactive project depending upon a network of connections: “It’s like conceptual art, and it’s not complete and alive unless people give it life.”

Sangha's Vision

Sangha envisions the spiritual connection between people of all cultures and the earth. 

Sangha dedicates itself to World Service and seeks to inform, motivate, and inspire those who participate to support and sustain the endangered cultures of the world.

Sangha's Mission

Sangha’s mission is to promote local and global understanding of the interdependence between people, cultures, and the environment.

Sangha’s cross-cultural events and programs create an exchange of artistic, environmental and educational opportunities for children, families, and individuals to experience this dynamic interpendence.

Sangha’s fair trade model supports collective communities of endangered cultures by establishing economically sustainable markets for their art, crafts, and other culturally imbued creations.

Sangha’s programs spread awareness of the link between the artisan, facilitator, and consumer alike through the opportunity for creative participation.